30 seconds or more 07 – Will I ever make it home? from Victor Morales on Vimeo.

Set to the music of Norway’s Pål Asle Pettersen, Victor Morales has created surreal digital landscapes made of textures that vibrate and transform in time to sound.

And he’s being quite prolific. Working primarily with Crytek’s CryENGINE game engine – now free for non-commercial use – he is producing one short film each day. He tells CDM the visual engine helps produce these rapidly:

It shows how powerful these video games engines are for the creation of strong visual material in very little time (each sequence takes me between 2 to 3 hours).

I have been using video games for live performance for over 7 years now and this project is just so I could see a “pallete” of sketches of my work.


The sound-reactive episodes connect audio to visuals by means of OpenSoundControl (OSC), using a plug-in for the environment by developer hendrikp, aka Hendrik Polczynski of Nuremberg. I think it’s easiest just to point at his whole repository full of awesomeness – this could tempt me to start using CryENGINE alone.


To watch the videos – 14 at this writing, and still growing – head to Vimeo:


Two of my favorite videos, each featuring Pål Asle Pettersen’s music.

30 seconds or more 02 – Alphabet Soup from Victor Morales on Vimeo.

30 seconds or more 01 – Beyond the magic mushrooms from Victor Morales on Vimeo.