Bhoreal: RGB Grid as Open Source Hardware – Kit or Ready-Made, Wired or Wireless

We are Bhoreal from MID New Media Design on Vimeo. Grids are suddenly everywhere – in music control, but also in visuals and art. And they’re lighting up in RGB. But Bhoreal promises to do some things other grids aren’t. Whereas the monome is a truly beautiful, handmade and rare object, its rarity – by […]

Ableton Live to Lights: Hacking Max for Live to an LED Wall For a Brilliant Display

I like Drums. And Bass. from DJ Autom8 on Vimeo. Finally, laptop music need no longer be lit by some bad club lights and the glow of your MacBook display. Things are getting really interesting. Just ask Jonathan Thompson, a student who hacked Max for Live into an LED wall and got a blindingly-bright display […]

Peter Kirn - April 5, 2013

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