Leon Theremin, inventor of the first widely-used electronic musical instrument that bore his name, is now in his own comic book.

Now, the plot is a bit … unexpected.

Time travel is real and scientist/inventor Leon Theremin just discovered it. The journey from scientist to super spy is shorter than you think. It all starts here. The first chapter in the new series by Curt Pires, creator of the critically acclaimed “LP”, and art sensation DALTON ROSE, the creator of “PHABULA” and artist of “SACRIFICE”.


There is a missed opportunity, it seems, as the mysterious real life of Leon Theremin is stranger than fiction, involving the invention of listening devices and abduction by the Soviet Union, among other episodes. So many holes dot accounts of his life that it seems a fictionalized account would be perfect. Instead, we get a sort of James Bond Doctor Who Buck Rodgers thing. If they’re going to go there, I would want to see Theremin somehow incapacitate people with musical performances or something. But check out Theremin sporting a ray gun.

I had already intended to pick this up, but author Curt Pires himself stops in to set the record straight. It seems we do, in fact, get some of the historical episodes:

I actually think people will find a lot to like if they give the book a chance. We did quite a bit of research. The book includes Leon’s historical meeting with Lenin, the development of the instrument itself , along with all that Buck Rodgers ray gun stuff you mentioned.

Count me in, then; yes, I’ll give it a go. On order already.

And I’m ready for The Amazing Adventures of Don Buchla and His Flying Saucer.

Or my own Iannis Xenakis Versus The Moon People. Tune in next week, when you’ll hear our hero exclaim, “Curses! Stockhausen foils me again!”

Theremin #1 at Monkeybrain Comics – thanks, Ashley Elsdon!

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