NODE13 – Forum for Digital Arts, Documentary from NODE Forum for Digital Arts on Vimeo.

Here’s some ambition in an event description: NODE, the Frankfurt digital arts festival, is interested in how circuits and code are transforming the world around us. And unsatisfied with just talking about it, they get a group of people together who are doing it.

NODE is built around vvvv and includes a lot of technical content around that Windows graphical programming tool, but it also incorporates work from a variety of techniques and tools – even some analog ones.

This video from out of the German gathering neatly packs a lot of the ideas around the conference into ten minutes of time. There’s plenty to digest: a sampler that might still leave you full. And you’re likely to see some familiar faces, as well.


Paoloreste Gelfo and his team of ambitious videographers followed every stage of the festival and
have taken hours of video footage, to create a documentary about NODE13. NODE is a biannual reunion of vvvv developers, users, artists and activists. It is an international platform, with talks, workshops and an exhibition. A platform to share knowledge and to meet each other- also away from keyboard.
Direction: Paoloreste Gelfo and
Editor/Colorist/Graphic: Antonio Labbro Francia
Music: Edisonnoside
Production Coordination: Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Camera: Constantin Urban, Paoloreste Gelfo, Markus Haertel, Yannic Bill
This video was made possible with the help of
Commisioned by NODE Verein zur Förderung Digitaler Kultur.