If your ears and spirit need an ambient reboot, you could do worse than this gorgeous, abstract wash of sound pieced together from two wonderful Spanish artists.

From bzzzbip, aka multimedia artist Antònia Folguera, and about:blank!, a photographer/filmmaker/artist, comes this project in sonic exchange. Antònia writes:

About:Blank! and I exchanged songs via email and dropbox in order to put together an abstract ambient mixtape. When we were done with the selection I mixed the first half, and he did the other half. If it were an actual mixtape that would be side A and side B. this is the result. I hope that you enjoy it!

about:blank!’s poetic imagery fits the mix nicely, so it seems only right to pair this gallery with the mix (tracklist below). And the timing couldn’t be better – with Flickr’s relaunched interface, you can go muse on images in high resolution:


More on about:blank! – Spain’s Jordi Caner:


Ambient for Strong Players (Bzzzbip+About:Blank!) by Bzzzbip on Mixcloud

Teaser video:

teaser from jordi caner on Vimeo.

And images:







Schwarzchild radius | Stephan Mathieu
Red | Machinefabriek
Bellows Whispered Breadth | SEAWORTHY
Belong | Marcus Fischer + The OO-Ray
Portrait Of a Sleeping Girl With a Radio | Willamette
Luthrimel | Relmic statute
Black Sands | Kane Ikin
Look For Me Here ( Remix by Giuseppe Lelasi) | Solo Andata
The Eternal Loss | Ian hawgood
Brightly fades the way | Offfthesky
Such Owls Like You | Brambles
Vaccination no.2 | TIM HECKER and DANIEL LOPATIN

Ready for a completely different pace? Antonia has some terrific mixes on her SoundCloud of the not-abstract, not-ambient variety – to bring you right back up again:

Also on SoundCloud, the mix at top: