Bass makes boys and girls happy, like sugar-y cereals and adorable cute animations. So, it seems only natural to round up the kids, pour yourself a bowl of Honey Smacks, and sit on the beanbag in front of the television set to watch the goodness of the boutique Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass in an adorable psychedelic cell animation.

We’ve got the animation, the photos, the sounds, and the specs all here.

The basic notion here: six synthesis modes switch between different sounds, while a sequencer (with MIDI in, out, and sync for integration with hardware and software) handles all the bassline creation. There’s automation recording for the knobs, as well, right on the hardware.

But it’s a little hard to keep the left side of your brain focused on what the synth is doing when the right side is feeling all warm and fuzzy about basslines and that crazy-cute animated masterpiece by Devin Flynn.

Then again, tomorrow is Saturday morning. So, cartoons it is!

(Pssst – left brain. It’s US$250. But that’s more than decent for a handmade instrument. And with MIDI in, you’re not stuck with the little buttons to play melodies.)




Sound samples:

Full specs and links:

The Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass synthesizer features six modes of rich, elemental bass sound, a sequencer and full MIDI capabilities.

The six synthesis modes are:
Circle Ramp
Sawtooth Ramp
Analog Style
Filter Envelope
FM Pad
Bass Delay

The sequencer lets you quickly create bass lines with the touch of a button. You can even record and playback knob adjustments for things like filter sweeps and changes in delay time or tuning! With MIDI IN and OUT jacks you can synchronize your sequences with other devices. The Bolsa Bass also sends and receives note messages so you can use it as a sound module or simple controller.

The entire keyboard may be tuned over a 1-octave range by turning the knob second from right. Volume is controlled by the right-most knob. The function of the remaining two left knobs depend on what mode is selected. The synthesizer modes provide elemental monophonic bass sounds, great for all kinds of musical scenarios. From classic filter sweeps to simple and pure tones, lush FM, and even a stretchy tuned delay which makes great string-like drones.

To purchase and for more information please visit:

Animation by Devin Flynn. View more of his work here:

I love that they’re also in Instagram:

Vines, please, though! (New addiction, as of … yesterday. Coming to CDM soon.)