Aw, kawaii!

Wait… sorry, poor choice of words.

Aw, how… uh… Korg!

Yes, in case they hadn’t given us enough reason for adoration lately, the folks at Korg are now giving away cute little USB stick versions of the microKORG if you purchase a microKORG or microKORG XL+. And if that’s not quite your budget, they also are doing those lovely vintage tees, now in a buy-five, skip-laundry-this-week value pack.

Of course, we’ve seen something like this before, and it appears this is from the same designer:
808, SP1200, MPC, NS-10 Reborn in Miniature as Beautifully-Detailed, Tiny USB Drives [Gallery]

But it’s nice to see Korg added to that collection.

Now you just have to make a to-scale, realistic action figure depiction of yourself, and you can freak out your friends. We want pics. I just want to see a mini MS-20 mini, myself.

For some more KORG fun, Synthtopia today points to a nice video of the Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55).

I had the fortune to play one of these recently – one was hanging out in the basement of a venue in Wedding, Berlin I was playing in January. They’re not the most versatile drum machines by any stretch, but great fun, and probably a good used buy as they’re less known.