If you’ve been pondering picking up Traktor on iOS, now is probably your moment. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are completely free. Native Instruments confirms with CDM that sale will end Sunday. (The sale celebrates the fifth anniversary of the iTunes App Store.)

Traktor DJ for iPhone
Traktor DJ for iPad

By the way, while it’s not free (unless you, uh, steal it from a friend), the Z1 hardware NI is touting as a mix controller for Traktor feels really terrific. I’ve been messing about with it a bit and the hardware is really top-notch, not the chintzy business one associates with some of the more toy-like offerings for iPhone and iPad accessories.

While it may earn you the ire of purists, it seems a perfectly reasonable way to do digital DJing. And apart from fitting more easily into compact DJ booths, that mobile form factor of the iOS version means you can run away from violent vinyl aficionados even faster. They also can’t lean over and close your laptop lid if you’re using an iPad. (Seriously, apparently some vinyl freak did that. Apparently, some people have moved on from the battle between vinyl versus digital and on to simply trying to prove they’re an a******. No contest.)

Anyway, grab this, take the money you’ve saved, and buy someone you love a beer. In fat, bring over that person who plays with CDJs or vinyl and have a beer with them.

Like I said: world peace.

Hat tip to Synthtopia for picking up on this.