Proper mapping gives you wings. Courtesy Resolume blog.

Proper mapping gives you wings. Courtesy Resolume blog.

VJ app makers are routinely profiling their customers, but this particular case studio deserves extra mention. (And not just because the DJs apparently wear wings there – time to up our game.)

At New Delhi, India’s Kitty Su, classroom/business mirror projectors allowed extreme short throw — a stunningly-short 10″ (25 cm) — resolving the shadows that normally plague club projection. The results look terrific.

In this case, Resolume Arena handles both processing the unusual output size (4200px X 550px) and mapping to the surface, all in one app. That’s the latest example of working directly in the visual app rather than using a standalone mapping tool, in a trend that seems likely to continue. Correction: Arena, not Avenue. An earlier draft of this story incorrectly identified the software as “Avenue.” In fact, it’s the higher-end media server Arena that’s needed for full screen warping (and extended “Soft Edge”) capabilities. See the software description. Arena is €699 versus €299 for Avenue, before VAT, though you’ll notice the price difference is similar to the cost of a MadMapper license – perhaps not coincidentally. Arena also adds DMX and SMPTE input.

Well worth reading the whole case study, even though the install is a year old.

Hands On Club Install in India – Kitty Su

In a nice multi-national effort, Resolume turns over the blog to Prashant Yashpal from Activ8Media, who did the work. And one of the things I love about the digital visual scene is that it really has grown up in a global, Internet-connected world – perhaps in a way that isn’t true about the electronic music scene. We’re one village of visualists, all trying to solve the problem of how to make the medium work.

On that note, I’d be very curious to hear from other people solving similar situations. Of course, sometimes you can embrace the shadows, but – this generally looks better.

Kitty Su New Delhi from Prashant Yashpal on Vimeo.