Parallax from Incredible Bob on Vimeo.

At its best, art can change a perspective, or change the way you see. In the installation “Parallax” by our friend Incredible Bob, that’s meant literally – very literally.

Using hacked viewfinders and analog video tech, the Belgrade-based artist shows the viewer what happens when the perspective of your eyes is reversed – without the screaming, bleeding, and vision loss that might otherwise risk.

He writes:

Parallax is a binocular video installation made out of two hacked VHS viewfinders crossed with 2 CCTV bullet cameras. When you look at it, your eyes become crossed, so you see your left side on the right eye and visa versa.

The viewfinders are miniature TVs with small cathode tube. Usually they have 3 wires: 2 for power and 1 for signal. Above the screen is the lens to focus the image. I got it for EUR 10.

The idea for this work was to see ourselves watching an artwork from a different perspective, in the manner of a Peeping Tom or nickelodeon, as well as involving the audience in the piece. Silver/mirrored surfaces just amplify that effect. The piece also has an iconoclastic element.

The Parallax installation was presented on group show Inter(atr)actions at Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade.


Thanks for this, Bob (Miloshevic).

I love his bio:

Incredible Bob is Belgrade scene desperado. He is born in late seventies in a country that doesn’t exist anymore. From early age he’s present in show business.