Digital DJing: Serato Scratch Live is Dead; Long Live Serato DJ [In Depth]

Serato DJ With DVS is Here from Serato on Vimeo. Let’s not mince words: Serato’s DJ offerings had gotten confusing, and updates and compatibility lagged. This week, the company has changed the tune: there’s one Serato to support everything, and it’s coming soon. For controller users, that means being ready to go in October, thanks […]

Bubbles and Light, in an Interactive Costume, Integrated with Music

Coded Environments from Jekka on Vimeo. Big EDM stage shows aside, in the realm of more intimate electronic performance, there seems tremendous untapped potential in combining wearable technology with performance. There, the immersion speaks to the player – essential, as in computer music much of what the performance artist does and imagines is invisible. Jekka, […]

Peter Kirn - September 6, 2013

Audiobus for iOS 7 Update is Already Here

Audiobus’ developers have already pushed an update to the inter-app framework, in advance of Apple’s upcoming operating system: With iOS 7 just around the corner, we’ve just released an update to the Audiobus app that addresses some issues. We highly recommend updating now to stay compatible with our community of apps. We’ve been working hard […]

- September 6, 2013

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