iPhone 5s Test Footage – 120 fps from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.

Three words for VJs and visualists: shoot more footage.

You’ll find plenty of reviews of the new iPhone 5S for photography applications, but perhaps most compelling is its impressive 120-fps slow motion, which is stunning for something that’s included in a mobile phone. Overnight, the 5S has become the visualist phone of choice – that is, if you’re investing in a new phone. And I have to say, generally, while other rivals (notably Samsung and Nokia) ship phones with good optics, Apple seems to have the edge in software.

Having access to this all the time in your pocket is invaluable. But fortunately, if you are looking to capture 120 fps footage and you can’t afford a new iPhone out of contract, you have other options.

One is Sony’s latest Action Cam. It’s US$199, you can get a waterproof case for it, and you can strap it to your head – things you can’t easily do with an iPhone. And the footage looks nice enough:

That underwater dunking should yield some nice visual footage.

There are other options, too; The Guardian’s Ask Jack blog offers advice.