Born in a very different Berlin in 1934, Hans-Joachim Roedelius is an elder legend of electronic music and piano, having helped establish the voice of German krautrock and ambient music. (Think Cluster, Harmonia, Aquarello.)

But today, he is as active in international tours as artists a fraction of his age, freely pouring out music. And his music itself is liberated, flowing … youthful. In a live performance captured recently at the arts space Mindpirates, he joins the excellent multi-instrumentalist and bass player Armin Metz. With great swells of sound amidst a nicely-meandering, jazz-like exploration of notes and mists, the two explore mystical electrified dreamworlds.

The final bits are a sneak listen to “Red Ambience,” forthcoming on the release Ubi Bene with Leon Muraglia. Kevin Klein
and Ralf Schmerberg filmed the event on August 22, which evidently put attendees in a lovely mood.

Roedelius from Mindpirates e.V. on Vimeo.

For more, here’s a live preview from last year, of Sub Rosa’ release King of Hearts. Swiss-born Christopher Chaplin joins him on that record.

ROEDELIUS & CHAPLIN : King of Hearts : Live Preview 2012 from Luma.Launisch on Vimeo.

More on his Website: