The freedom to go wireless means being able to take a controller and move about a venue or studio space. Visualists can eye their projections and lighting; musicians can check sound levels while walking around or more easily play with others. We’ve experienced this with iPads and the like. Now it’s time to do it with hardware.

We covered the QuNeo Rogue in a look at two crowd-funded wireless projects late last month. But the Rogue now has just five days left on its crowd funding. KMI is at least no stranger to the model; they’ve shipped gear this way before, and here promise delivery in December. It’s not a cheap solution; they’re now giving you a discounted US$350 price versus the planned US$395. If you like the project, though, you can also throw them US$10 – and have that go toward a matching donation to music equipment for schools.

What was missing earlier was a demo of how it works. And that’s where Ableton maestro Thavius Beck comes in. While we need to get him a wearable camera, you can spot him actually leaving his studio setup and playing from afar. It’s worth watching just to see a little of how Thavius maps his live set — good stuff.

Now, if I can just remember to stop thinking of the Moog Rogue.

QuNeo Rogue: Wireless MIDI Controller Accessory