Utter brilliance to wind up our week: Berlin techno legend Ben Klock gets the infamous audio-redub “shreds” treatment on YouTube, normally reserved for rock bands. It helps if you’ve watched the live streams of Boiler Room, the multi-city Internet-broadcast, invite-only dance party that turns the cameras on DJs and audience alike.

But even if you haven’t, well, just watch to the end.

There’s just something about watching people bop along to that steady techno beat.

And … um … did anyone else kind of weirdly enjoy the faux music set? (Yeah, I could see pulling this off. Just need some fans of chip sounds and a good time … it’s … possible I’m weird.) For the record, the actual Ben Klock set was great. See below to check it out. But the sound is distorted, so maybe the Shreds / Boiled set wins.

While we’re at it, let’s destroy the dance floor with lasers, and win the respect of Flo Rida.

Check out a biting, laser-dubbed parody of the BEAMZ by Flo Rida laser harp. And that ain’t easy, with a promotional ad that’s already deep into self-parody territory.

Meanwhile, in reality or some version thereof, the real Ben Klock Boiler Room set.

YouTube comments even grabs the setlist:

Infiniti – Game One (Rennie Foster Remix) | Omar-S – Triangulum Australe (Say It In Space) | Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default – Clearing | Function – Obsessed (Substance Remix) | Joe Cocherell – Commerce Above All Else | Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Tea Party | Trus’me – Somebody | Markus Suckut – False | Shifted – Trouble | A. Mochi – Sunset | Magnus – Act Two (Truncate Remix) | Vedomir – Music Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) | Plastikman – Mind in Rewind |.

Please, someone do more shreds videos with music tech videos.