Music into 2014 continues with a special mix debuting on CDM from LA’s modernluv.

Mixes these days have become almost too common, many of them somewhat random selections of crowd-pleasing tracks, in no particular order. And they tend to be solo endeavors. modernluv, apart from being a duo of two significant stastemakers, is significant in that they’ve put together a real sound. It actually is “sultry” and “dark” and “psychedelic.” (I hate it when artists choose the right adjectives in their description, thus robbing me of the pleasure.)

In fact, knowing I have a few (cough) love-lorn friends struggling with modern romance, I suggest this mix.

Have a listen (track list below):

Mixes are meant as introductions to musical personalities, so let’s meet these two. Moderna is Missy Livingston on the impeccable Ghostly International. She has been kind enough to share her music with CDM before. Most recently, she took us to Burning Man; earlier, she gave us some LA heat.

Missy’s style is cool and calculated and sophisticated, but that makes her all the better to combine with underground DJ Jeniluv, with her darker, grittier sounds and as a force behind some of LA’s best parties. (Jeniluv, for her part, made the move south to LA from San Francisco.)


In an everyone-for-themselves music world, the pairing of compatible contrasts seems ideal, and while the duo is just getting going tomorrow for New Years’ Eve, they’re set to travel the West Coast. In fact, it’d be great to see more of these kinds of combinations of chemistry in mixes and DJing. Finding a production partner can be much tougher, but starting with DJing and mixing seems a good place to start.

As for modernluv, they’re in the studio working together now, they tell CDM. We look forward to hearing the fruits of that production collaboration, too.

You can follow the two on Facebook, individually:

And they’ve set up a joint site:

You’ll need track IDs for a couple of these, I’m guessing, so here’s the whole list.

Girls On Dates (K.O. Love Mix) – IQU with Miranda July
Daze (Club Edit) – Heval
Can’t hurt you – Feat. Kim Ann Foxman (Russ Yallop Remix) – Layo & Bushwacka
Cityz Angels (MTs Pillowtalk mix) – Nikola Baytala
Where Is The Salmon (Original Mix) – Andre Salmon
My Orbit (Dauwd_Instrumental_Mix) – COMA
Something Good (Fort Romeau Remix) – Alt J
Bohoo – Markus Enochson
Nomads – Sid Le Rock
Just wear it (SONNS Remix) – Grown Folk
What I Might Do – Ben Pearce
Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex

I also really enjoy some of the more unlikely transitions here; you ought to be able to handle a little dissonance.

If you’re in California or Santo Domingo, please go listen to them, and you may want to describe to people further north (like me, in a few weeks) what sunlight looks like.
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