Introducing the MakeNoise Teleplexer Module (First Look) from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Conductive plates have let telegraph operators tap out messages and Stylophone players sing sweet melodies. Now, running a patch cord along the plates of the MakeNoise Teleplexer lets you turn signals in a modular synth rack into new musical patterns.

Touch here – get wonderful, delicious chaos.

It’s the latest module from Make Noise, the modular makers who are perhaps the black sheep of Asheville, North Carolina. And at a NAMM music trade show this week dominated by gear with, you know, more conventional appeal to musicians, these and other manufacturers of Eurorack modules have quietly built up a rabid following of sound lovers.

What’s especially nice about modular at the NAMM show is that these vendors can make connections with one another both literally and figuratively. It’s a natural to crowd lots of new gear into a booth, because that gear can inter-connect and make new noises. Make Noise has always been one of my favorite, creating inventive new modules that use signal flow as a way of creating unexpected compositional possibilities.

Here’s how Richard describes this beauty for Make Noise:

The Make Noise TELEPLEXER is a telegraph style multiplexer. It is used for manual distribution, adding and subtracting of signals. The user interface is inspired by telegraphy as the user taps the tips of patch cables (patched at one end to a source) to the conductive plates to determine where and how the source signal is distributed.
For this patch I used several different modulation sources including, the MakeNoise “WoggleBug, Maths V2, Function, 2 outputs from the Modcan Quad LFO,and intellijel uscale.

And here it is alongside the other NAMM intro, Rosie:


Teleplexer should also appeal to EDM producers searching for the perfect drop. Well, actually, after they spend several days mesmerized in front of this and wind up hitting two hours before the gig.

Everyone complaining about the boom-chik sounds of the 808, maybe you just need more Richard Devine in your life, and less Richie Hawtin? Happier now, perhaps?

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