We’ve seen plenty of dedicated VJ products or third-party add-ons. But when it comes to mixing and management, most DJ software still focuses exclusively on music libraries. The lone exception has been the Video-SL add-on in Serato.

Cross 3 from Mixvibes goes further to integrate video natively than any DJ tool previously. The new release of the software adds an extensive set of video features. And the aim remains appealing to DJs, particularly those who want Pioneer hardware integration or who come from the club scene. Mixvibes isn’t just a random developer – it’s the same company that developer rekordbox for Pioneer. That makes the addition of features normally associated only with VJ software all the more interesting.

It’s the stuff we’ve generally seen associated with the “DVJ” concept, but integrated in a truly DJ-friendly package. Mixvibes are explicit about the goal here, in no uncertain terms in the press release. In a header labeled “Video for ever DJ,” they caution, “make no mistake, Cross is a DJ software with powerful video features, not a VJ software.”

That said, just how much video functionality is here? Quite a lot. Now, it’s not unheard-of to see audio and video work together. But here, you can treat video and audio both as integrated assets and separate media, even syncing the BPM of video to audio, and merging the results into a single clip. Features:

  • Two audio/video players, with HD video output
  • Video output bar
  • Link the mixer and effects to just the video, just the audio, or both
  • 35 transitions, 18 effects
  • Record video output
  • Load audio and video separately, then sync BPM of video to sound, then save the combo with a single click
  • Two 4-pad video samplers
  • Sample from video playing in the deck
  • Save video sample banks
  • Live webcam input
  • Titler

You can try out basic video functionality in even the free version of the program. But for output, sampling, and full functionality (to use this in any real way), the full version is 109.99 € / $129.99 / £89.99. Existing users get the program free.

I have to say, even if this is aimed at DJs, the simple beat sync and sampling functionality could mean a useful workflow for anyone doing AV sets. Check out the site and intro video:

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