We get to continue the conversation around Robert Henke’s process and his magnum opus laser-show that closed CTM Festival on Sunday. Will Lynch from Resident Advisor joined us in the MusicMakers Hacklab to sit down with Robert.

Here, Will talks to Robert about his music, his approach, and how he tackled the challenge of making laser shows more than just a gimmick. Robert is an incredibly-disciplined person – he basically took just this time off from the studio to come talk to us. And that showed in the extraordinarily prolific, detailed work in Lumière. Punctuated by visual rhythms, each split-second seems to offer some exquisite new combination of laser pattern and industrial electronic sound. But even if you don’t have lasers at your disposal, that approach to the business of working on code and music seems relevant to anyone passionate about what they do.

Will’s chat with Robert led to me and him talking more about the technical process and how that meshed with his artistic intent. If you’re interested, CDM readers, I will make I think a text story on that with some of the related images. (Apologies for the audio quality here; we had an issue with interference on our recording. That’d be another reason to use text.)