Resonators are a breed that could use some new life. Let’s not even talk about Ableton Live – use one of the presets in the built-in effect in that software, and any producers are likely to perk up their ears – and turn up their nose.

But that’s why it’s nice to see the latest effort from Artemiy Pavlov and Sinevibes. The Ukrainian developer has just been on a roll lately with clever, Mac-friendly (Retina Display, even) creative plug-ins. And the latest is a fresh twist on a resonator.

Six tuned resonators already makes a nice resonator plug-in, but Hexonator also doubles as a sequencer. With 32-step chord sequencing and timing options, you can create some really elaborate effects. And you do this via the sort of unusual, animated UI that is Sinevibes’ signature.


  • Six melodically tuned resonators with positive/negative feedback, adjustable bandwidth.
  • Chord sequencer with up to 32 steps, variable timing, shuffle and glide.
  • Multi-mode filter: low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass at -12 dB and -24 dB per octave.
  • Two modulators with 8 waveforms and adjustable chaos.

Tested with a variety of AU hosts on 10.6 and later OS X. (Sorry, Windows users.)

And here’s what it sounds like, though with programming capabilities this extensive, other results are possible, too – will try to cook something up:

Go have at it. US$39 or available in a bundle; demo version available.