Elektron’s upcoming hardware drum machine, the Analog Rytm, is silent no more.

The Swedish maker has posted audio samples of this 8-voice box, covering a range of styles. And you can see some specs now on the product page:

What you can’t do is order the Analog Rytm – not yet. There’s a waiting list so you can be notified when it goes on sale (not really a waiting list for the preorder, so much as a “now you can buy it” list):

We expect to be on top of a review before the beginning of summer. In the meantime, let’s have a listen.

I’ve seen a number of complaints about gear fetishization lately, and I do tend to agree that this isn’t really the point. So, um… yeah, don’t do that. Breathe deeply. It’s just some SoundCloud samples. No need to get all excited. There, did that work? (On the other hand, this is better than the completely silent AKAI demo unit some weeks ago… I look forward to later in 2014 when everything is in hand for reviews and making proper noise. That’s not a fetish thing, more the whole point of electronic musical instruments.)