Vuo 0.6 normal+specular mapping demo from Steve Mokris on Vimeo.

Vuo, aka “that visual development environment that isn’t Quartz Composer, continues to march forward.

Just a quick tidbit, but this looks like a tasty morsel: normal and specular maps on 3D objects mean more photo-realistic lighting. As the demo video puts it:

Vuo 0.6 supports normal+specular maps on 3D objects. Here’s a simple quad, textured with diffuse+normal+specular maps, and a point light moving around in front of the quad.

Nice stuff. And seeing this live opens up some new possibilities.

Of course, we’ve seen vvvv (“vee four”) do this for some time, but notice you’re now seeing it on a Mac. (Ahem.)

I’ll also use this somewhat minor update to call out – who’s using Vuo? Done any cool projects yet? Do share.

Previously, a more in-depth on this tool:
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Another demo:

Vuo 0.6 lighting demo from Steve Mokris on Vimeo.