If Brian Eno were scoring the dreams of a gaming addiction, it might go something like this.

Yes, we already told you previously that Lemur 5 adding a canvas object would mean anything could be a controller. It makes the iPad controller app as much a blank, well, canvas, as your Web browser window, more or less.

But with relatively scant documentation, Lemur 5 assumed a lot of its users. I mean, it seems like you’d almost need some ingenious coder/hacker to turn this into something completely ridiculous, right?

Okay, that didn’t take long.

Someone going by the name “saveas909” (Panagiotis) has appeared on the Liine Lemur forums, with some quick hacks that already demonstrate the possibilities. Flappy Bird, the nail-biting addiction, is transformed into zen-like ambient beauty. Riffing on the familiar ball physics seen in a traditional Lemur control (one going back to the original hardware), a billiard ball collision simulation both makes those circles bounce off one another and, in turn, generate lovely music.


If you weren’t already inspired to make use of the Canvas object, this might change your mind. And even if you aren’t the hacking type yourself, it’ll be fascinating to watch if this tool inspires more content for the Lemur as a platform.

Let your iPad Look Like Anything, Sequence Anything, with Lemur 5

And the developers: