It’s a big-ass MIDI cube.

Okay, sometimes the name kind of sums up all of it. But among various wonders at MIDI Hack Day here in Stockholm this weekend, “developer/designer/entrepreneur” Per-Olov Jernberg has teamed up with artist Håkan Lidbo to bring a giant, inflatable green cube into the offices of Spotify and transform is into a musical instrument.

This is what I would have at my birthday parties if I could go back in time. Or, really, now. And you can, too, because code in Processing is already available. Good, clean fun – with oversized musical instruments, a recent fascination of Håkan’s work.

The details:

Using TI SensorTags (Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons) to detect the orientation of a large inflatable cube, send that data as midi to Ableton Live.

* TI SensorTags
* Core Bluetooth (Apple’s framework, that is)
* Objective-C
* Node JS
* Ableton Live

Processing Sourcecode for all the different projects are available on github: