Bleeping amazing.

There’s some great stuff you can get for free for Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler. This week, two new instruments are available.

First up, a device that makes chip music bleep sounds, and includes sophisticated sound controls and step-sequencing LFOs. The creator, Zombie Queen, describes it thusly:

I’m assembling new bleeping device in Kontakt, last one was so twisting complicated, I’ve been getting lost in it myself. I wanted to re-utilize the engine, but simplify things a lot and add some new twists. I’ve got working ‘beta’ version, if you’d like to try it out. It’s focused more on oldie videogames kind of sounds and it has the same step sequenced LFOs as previous bleeper. There’s no manual and no help hints; what I’d like to learn, is if it’s intuitive enough to get around by twist random knobs approach.

The lovely Bedroom Producers has a nice write-up, and you can grab the download for yourself on a KVR thread. The final release should be free, too.

There’s a video out, too:

But, wait – there’s more.

Node is the latest of a set of free Kontakt instruments from Audiomodern, the sound shop created by sound designer and developer Max Million. (There’s not even a word yet to describe this new hybrid job — developer, sound designer, composer, musician. But you increasingly see shops that make music, make sounds, and make tools that make music and sounds.)

Node joins a family of free stuff for Kontakt (there are free Ableton goodies and paid Kontakt and Ableton offerings, too).

  • Node: custom, “low end” analog synth with Sub Bass. Mono mode, portamento, unison with detune.
  • Echotone: multi-layered sampled analog synth, recorded “raw”.
  • Statique: a “glitch & cuts rhythm generator.” Sequence-based pattern maker.

No real catches here, either. You don’t even have to sign up for the mailing list for the Audiomodern stuff. (You need the email for the download, but the mailing list signup is a separate step and can be skipped. Well, except I think I will sign up, actually!)

Got favorite Kontakt instruments (free or paid)? What’s your sampler of choice? We’d love to hear.