Native Instruments today releases a teaser video which it says is “A glimpse of the future” of Komplete, the production suite that includes Reaktor, Kontakt, and various synths and the like.

That video clearly shows some kind of hardware. Now, the degree to which I can speculate about an unreleased product is inversely proportional to the amount I know about such a product.

So, with that in mind, let me objectively describe what you see in the video in ways that are truly obviously discernible, for those of you who can’t be bothered to squint at the video yourself. I’d say we see:

Colored lights. (Red! Blue! White! Assuming I’m not color blind… or that the Polizei haven’t shown up. Sorry about running that red light on my bike Monday.)
White things in a row. (from several angles, those things in a row … teeth?)
A knob/encoder.
Scale / Arp buttons.
A browser interface (Browse, Instance, Back, directional keys, Preset increment-decrement buttons, and Enter, plus an encoder).
Knobs/encoders with displays with amounts (Reverb, Reso, Drive, Glitch).
Two tall things with a big, tall LED strip in between and two things on top.
Loud noises.
Native Instruments: The Future of Sound (logo).

So – it’s obviously a Eurorack module. Or an analog monosynth. Joke.

Rest assured, we will bring you more solid information when we can, seeing as I practically trip over Native Instruments headquarters when I try to get out of bed in the morning. (Tricky, that. But I work for you. I’m keeping them as close as I can with that in mind.)