Akai’s Rhythm Wolf looks good. And its US$199 price impressed. But when we finally heard some noises out of it back in July, many were disappointed. And, as so often happens with music gear, we’ve mostly following a non-functioning unit at Musikmesse (certainly unfinished and possibly even damaged at the show).

A new $200 drum machine still sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Fortunately, it seems the waiting is over.

Our sources say that review units should be arriving this month, so expect a CDM review.

And we’ve seen an unofficial video appear that showcases a production unit, at top. If you’re wondering how that bassline magically appears, it was dubbed over later. Sound quality here sounds better, though I still have some questions.

Almost everything was recorded in realtime, external delay effect used on the bassline. The bassline in the first part of the video was added afterwards.
Subwoofer or headphones recommended.

One appealing aspect of the Rhythm Wolf is hack-ability. That reasonably large case could mean separate outs for the different drum parts. I definitely imagine pairing this with some external effects.

The Colectivo Triangular this video comes from is really cool – gear-obsessed IDM lover, surprise:


So, that’s the Akai corner. Now, meanwhile, at KORG…