The phenomenon of techno’s growth right now can’t even be confined to one corner of Berlin. Rødhåd and Dystopian Records demonstrate not only the uncontainable nature of their own particular brand of shadowy dance creations, but perhaps this folk quality of electronically-produced music generally.

And if you happen to like that flavor, we have quite a lot of media for you to gobble up. Dubby, dark, and distant, it’s all as always perfectly constructed, reserved in its trajectory as it builds energy. I suppose it’s predictable that getting Berghain’s stamp of approval brought Rødhåd to an international audience, but it’s just as interesting that he and the Dystopian crew were running their own parties for so long.

Before we get to the music, though, here’s the ever-calm man himself talking to INPUT’s Urban Stories, set against spectacularly futuristic architecture of Tbilisi, Georgia. If the talking head thing isn’t doing it for you, there’s some nice music and slow-motion shimmying later on.

Or – listen/watch:

Video from a live set at France’s Nuits Sonores festival:

Podcast for Groove Magazine (download available):
on SoundCloud, Groove 33

Article for Groove 33 [in German]

And another mix/podcast for Token Records:


From La Bacchanale Montréal, also live:

La Bacchanale w/ Rødhåd [LIVE] from La Bacchanale on Vimeo.

And the story behind the scenes:

AfterMovie – La Bacchanale w/Rødhåd from La Bacchanale on Vimeo.


With a crowd clad in masks and t-shirts, Dystopian Records did a recent takeover of Boiler Room from their usual party headquarters Arena Club. Here’s Rødhåd from that set:

Rødhåd Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set by brtvofficial

I think it’s also worth watching the younger protege, also on Dystopian, who played for hours into the night carrying on the gloomy-but-groovy mood:

Alex.Do Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set by brtvofficial

For teshno, he picks out some records for us – from his first to his latest – and no, not just techno (though about that, he says “forget the world, forget the people, just close your eyes”):
on the record ~ rødhåd

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