The world of circuit bending continues to help electronics to mutate, finding new organic selves.

There’s a steady stream of this stuff these days on social media (ah, I remember covering this before anyone had used The Facebook), but sometimes things will catch your eye. Take this brilliantly-evil rendition of a Marshall RG1 “regenerator.” This actually sounds as alien, glitchy, and weird as something with that name would make you expect. Details (and, um, I’m really sorry if you were bidding on this):

Circuit Bent Marshall RG-1 Pedal
Info –
for sale – [not an affiliate link – like I said, I’m sorry]

Works as a standalone noise generator or with instrument/device plugged into it. there is the unit self generating noise, bass guitar & toy ufo plugged into it in the video.
The added circuit bends result in crazy gliched up sequences, lfo wobbles,distortion,random beeps,noises,drones…..

Mods –
Lfo Circuit with rate control
4 x Lfo switches
Lfo on switch
Filter on switch
Filter – low/hi control

Here’s what the Marshall normally sounds like, narrated – as it really should be – in Czech. (Come on, Czech is a beautiful language to talk about sound technology.)

Not convinced yet? The same bender has done this to a MegaDrive. Cue the triumphant trumpets, as you pilot yourself into a glitchy black hole. (I dig the wildly epic music from about one minute in.)

“Rusted Steel Rewire” actually sounds like a 90s side-scroller from Japan, but it’s not – no, it’s actually rewiring something with rusted steel. (Mmmmm… rust.)

If you’re in a bad mood, actually, I suggest you crank up the volume and let the glitch take hold of you LIKE A PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH.

But this is just the beginning of what psychiceyeclix has been up to. So much … bending. Since 1999. Enjoy:

And so concludes today’s episode of Audiophile Magazine.