There is a mysterious and wonderful appeal to the dangerous power of music.

Music can come from the harmonious sound of the spheres, yes. It can sound like a sunny summer picnic. Or – it can sound like it’s trying to kill you. Not every genre goes there, but speaking for Germany’s label Snork Enterprises, Neil Landstrumm and Syntax Error refer to that murderous quality of techno.

Today’s words and sounds therefore come from Snork.

The interview at top I felt had to be published on CDM just for this quote from Syntax Error, aka label boss Christian Schachta. But keep watching. At two and a half minutes, you think it’s over, but stick around for one- (or three-) word answers. And it seems to want more than

When they’re talking about Tresor, they don’t mean the Tresor that’s open now. Those basement blinking lights are here, as seen with Syntax Error in 2001:

And yes, about that Under the Bridge party. It seems it included a surprise DJ appearance from the Polizei. Funny coincidence – they’ve played some of my parties, too.

But Snork isn’t in Berlin (though some of its artists are, naturally). That “Gießen” you keep seeing refers to a small town in Hessen, in the center of Germany. As in, “put your hands up for Gießen,” or “Gießen hustles harder,” or, actually, neither of those.