MeeBlip anode, our ready-to-play bass synth with an analog filter, is now shipping and in dealers worldwide. We knew we wanted to make something that was accessible to those new to hardware synths, but had enough personality to surprise advanced users, too – even in a small box, for US$139.95 list.

And we also now know what the critics think.

It’s always easy to explain what you wanted a creation to be. It’s a different, if exciting, experience when you read someone else’s take on what resulted. But that makes me all the more pleased to share a round-up of reviews of the anode, reviews that we’ve found exceptionally thoughtful and thorough, that connect to what we were trying to do.

If you like what you read, anode is on sale now, including fine dealers worldwide.


Keyboard Magazine gave MeeBlip anode its Key Buy award (our second, following the first-generation MeeBlip), saying: “after a day in the studio it becomes clear that nothing else sounds like it.”

MeeBlip Anode reviewed [Keyboard]


Resident Advisor recommended the anode to first-time synthesists and enthusiasts alike, and gave the synth high marks for having a unique sound:

“The Anode doesn’t sound like a Volca … It’s fatter and nastier, and it also feels like more of a staple. It has a grittier, arguably more analogue character than anything in its price range, and it’s simple yet proficient.”

RA Reviews: MeeBlip anode [Resident Advisor]


MusicRadar (or Future Music in print) reviewed anode, writing “If you’re itching to get your hands on some physical knobs and make a few filthy sounds, the anode is a fantastic buy.”

“The filter’s unique selling point is its phat, filthy sound, and MeeBlip have pulled a blinder in this department”

Reviews: MeeBlip anode [MusicRadar / Future Music]

You can read that review in French, if you prefer (hey, it sounds cooler):
MeeBlip anode: Un synthé open-source mono au son massif et saturé

And there’s an accompanying video review:


Here in Germany, Sound&Recording‘s Martha Plachetka (a talented synthesist, by the way), had generous words for us in German, by way of your neighborhood Späti / Kiosk / Bahnhof. “Kompakt, günstig, Open Source”:

Testbericht: MeeBlip anode im Test [musikmachen / Sound & Recording]

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Previously, more creative uses of anode from our friend Diego:

Transform Sounds for Free, with Tools Made with MeeBlip anode by Diego Stocco

And don’t forget, MeeBlip is open source hardware – ready to use right out of the box, but with code and schematics freely available on GitHub. We’re posting new updates there. A review of why that’s important:

Come and Git It: MeeBlip anode Circuits and Code, Open Source on GitHub