Home Alone (Ableton Live Remix) from Keenan Gaynor on Vimeo.

It’s the holidays, a time for family, and to ponder when controller mappings meet one-shot clip triggering, cable TV, weird child neglect, and brutal violence against slapstick criminals. Yes, of course – it’s the time-honored tradition of Ableton Live and Home Alone.

There’s the 2010 original remix on Launchpad. But, unlike the Home Alone movie, the sequel’s even better. Last year, Keenan Gaynor quietly updated the remix on a Novation Launchpad Mini. And clearly he’s picked up some better techniques in Live. (Pro mode, anyway!) So, even though the original will have a special place in our nerdy Ableton-using holiday hearts, catch the refresh, too.

All of the music. All of the magic.

Just go easy on the Pepsi.


Bonus video: if Home Alone just isn’t enough holiday for you, Rich Lane does a mega-mash-up live on APC40, nicely butchering the goose of some of the most over-played tunes. Perfect if your guests have had too much Pepsi and you need to clear them out.

“Look what cha did, ya little jerk!”