Well, we might have tried to give that honor to something before (McRorie, Hatebeak the parrot), but… this might top it.

There’s just so much. The vacant, turned-on stare of that curly-haired guy. The glowing alligator. The KORG 01/W – oh, that KORG. KORG will never make a keyboard demo quite like this. The script…

Do you know anything about techno?


Now, does anyone know what the Hell this is, anyway? Answer: Why, it’s 1996’s Vibrations – and yes, that is Christina Applegate. Which means… uh, actually, they probably should have know something about techno but didn’t but who cares?

And thank you, BLN.fm. Whatever happened on this Thursday, this video has now happened to us. (Yes, aware this probably happened to you sooner since you have The Internet, but … well, it reached us late. Much later than 1996, let’s say.)

Also, don’t miss the Trap remix…