Remember the days when we had “car phones” permanently mounted in our automobiles, and we listened to cassette tapes? Ha – how dated. Now, we do things properly: adding a Roland TR-606 and TB-303 to the dashboard so we can make acid while we drive.

No, I’m not entirely certain you want your insurance company to know about this. (Even less so if they’re unfamiliar of the usage of the word “acid” in this context.)

Via the Facebook page of, the excellent Polish electronic music/club site.

Totally obligatory:


Update – there’s more!

First, via comments, here’s the character in question (thanks, Ed Lewis):

The gentleman is called Mehdi Ansari. He runs a night called Analogue Room, here, in Dubai. It’s one of the few truly underground nights in a city full of commercial clubs. Fair play to him for the night’s success and long may it continue!

As Mehdi himself writes, “Jamming with my legendary Roland’s Tb 303 and Tr 606 and making music while bored of driving. This one is triggered with low Tom.”

And he’s at it again:

And he’s not alone, either. Italy’s Daniele Principato, aka The Auralab, is up to the same trick: