Some people have to go to trade shows that cover nothing but various types of floor tiles. We’re fortunate that we get to go to one about musical instruments.

Benjamin Weiss, seasoned German journalist and now product designer, as well, lets us see through his eyes at the show.

I have to say, to anyone who has been to California’s NAMM show but not Musikmesse, the entire feeling is different. Space is spread out and oddly quiet; meetings include leisurely meals of Bratwurst and beer in the sunshine. Whereas the nerdiest sound technologies at NAMM are often relegated to hidden corners, here Schneidersb├╝ro occupies a central space in a bustling music tech hall, and knobs and patch cords are everywhere.

It’s Friday, so we’re all getting a bit bleary-eyed from the din and drinks, and more of the public is flooding in. But there’s still a nice sense of some of the good stuff assembled here.

We’ll have more picks through the coming days. Back to editing video. Enjoy.

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