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It’s a long weekend in America, many bits of Europe, and other parts of the world, and that inflection point has arrived where the Northern Hemisphere looks forward to summer. So, let’s celebrate, turning attentions from dark, moody techno and experimental ambience to some splashes of color – techno plus all its further branches and blossoms.

And that means turning again to our friend Moderna, aka Missy Livingston, of Ghostly International.

Missy has escaped the repetitive urban rut for jetset sprints across Asia and into the sunny thin air of high deserts in California. That rejuvenation is obvious in the fresh energy in this mix. It’s a reminder that high quality doesn’t have to mean something obtuse (and don’t me wrong, “obtuse” is my favorite lunchtime snack). But this is just deliciously futuristic-sounding dance music, stuff you can serve up to anyone that is nonetheless made of the finest-quality ingredients – best-of-breed productions with everything finely tuned and humming along. Upbeat, poppy, but still consistently sultry. And it reflects Missy’s outward-looking perspective, here for New York’s strong Autobrennt but with a diverse and global assemblage of stuff mixed completely seamlessly.

It’s also worth noting that the mix can change tempo and style while remaining consistent – worth noting as too many mixes clock through like a conveyor belt, never straying from an auto-tempo set somewhere at the start.


Talking about talking (C.P.I. Remix ) – INIT
Augmented – Matrixxman
Ed The Optician (Original Mix) – Douglas Greed, Einzelkind
Cold Night (Original Mix) – DC Salas
Distance To The Waves – Pale Blue
Why Don’t Ya? (Ripperton Remix, Dixon Edit) – Baikal
Idle Eyes (Roman Fluegel Remix) – C.A.R.
Mouth (Shan & Gerd Janson 808 Culture Dub) – Ghost Culture
Magia – Dany F
Your Love – Richy Ahmed
Code Ext – John Tejada
She Smiles – Sid Le Rock
Absinthe (Jokers of the Scene Remix) – Offset
The Fourth Dimension (Mike Witcombe Remix) – Rouge & Ryba
Who Is Manfred? (Original Mix) – Daniel Bortz, Sascha Sibler
Forget Me Not (Chloe Remix) – Le Carousel

This isn’t all you’re getting from Moderna’s work these days. She has her own multimedia project The Deep, and is DJing with DJ Jeniluv as ModernLuv in Los Angeles and beyond, bringing Jeniluv’s harder techno side together with her own personality in some of the better parties you’ll find in California at the moment.


Thanks to Missy for sending this in. She reminds us that you can come see her live in North America, in the USA and Mexico:

Los Angeles, CA

Imperial Club
Mexico City, DF

Diente de León Club
Cholula Puebla, MX

Aurora Roma Bar
La Roma, MX

After Hours TBA
Mexico City, DF

Kin Kin
Guadalajara, MX

Recess Festival
Spokane, WA

La Liberia
Tecate, MX

Also a good read, and a flashback to winter, here’s what Missy was up to as half of Modernluv in her European adventures, which brought her to my neck of the woods:

So that’s how Moderna is starting her summer. Let us know how you’re starting yours.