Careful what you joke about on the forums. It just might turn into reality.

Somehow, it all started with some discussion about what software serial numbers “sound” best. Apparently developer SzcZ / Fairly Confusing Waveforms decided to take the idea and run with it.

The result is a free plug-in that’s good enough that you can safely ignore how it’s working and just have fun creating gorgeous, percussive, granular cinematic soundscapes. You could easily make a whole album out of this stuff.


And there’s some technical merit to the project, too: it shows just how much Kontakt scripting can do, turning Native Instruments’ flagship sampler into a veritable development environment. And it’s free. If you like this, there’s more from the same developer, like a free Game Boy drum kit, a capable synth (which I would have easily believe came from Reaktor, not Kontakt), and a random soundscape generator.

News reaches us from the always-wonderful Bedroom Producers:

Sonocipher – Free Text To Audio Sequence Converter (NI Kontakt)

More in the thread announcing the tool:
Sonocipher, text consuming drum machine (Kontakt)


BPB has more free goodies from the land of NI, warped by intrepid developers – here’s a convincing copy of the classic SID chip synth, made in Reaktor:

Insidious 6581 – Free C64 SID Chip Emulation For NI Reaktor