Writing about music feels stupid sometimes, even to me. It’s a cop-out to say that, but it’s true. So I hope you first hit play; the magic of music journalism today is that you can actually hear the music (something that I don’t miss about print is its inability to do that). And yet…

I am somewhat obligated here to announce Lando’s new “Stunts” EP, due July 20, and tell you details like the fact that it’s on the Ultramajic label run by Jimmy Edgar. Jimmy and Lando, aka Antaeus “Lando” Roy, are each in-again-out-on-the-road-again artists through Berlin but also round-the world. And they each share a passion for soulful songwriting crossed with traditional techno discipline and, in particular, finely-curated analog machines.

Sorry. That was horrible, a jumble of meaningless words.

And really all I want to say to you, kind of over and over again, is:

“All I do is work that!”

Yeah. SO much better.

Here, you’ll hear what I mean:

Now, I like what Ultramajic has been doing, a lot. Following his own drummer, Jimmy is doing some really unique things. But I’ve not been more excited than this one from Lando. The fact that I got to know Antaeus a bit helps, but mainly to know that this sounds like a new level for him, a sense of comfort, that his voice has opened up and is saying something more loudly than before. I just have to find a nice, hot place to listen to this record come July, just in case Berlin delivers its usual freak cold snap and downpours of rain. But I’m ready – ready enough to break my usual “don’t write about records before they’re out” rule.

And if you’re lucky, maybe you can catch Lando near you – ideally with a Roland TR-8 or something, as above.