None other than Surgeon, going by his forum handle youknowiloveyou (we love you, too, man!), walks through his live set one module at a time on the Muff Wiggler forums. Image attached. And you can watch the full performance video via Boiler Room at the Netherlands’ lovely Dekmantel Festival. Read the full discussion here for details:

Surgeon Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival DJ + Modular set

It’s a nice who’s who of creative modules, from Mutable’s innovative Braids to musical sound sculpting options from Make Noise.

And without taking a stand on modular itself, this is the sort of playing I like to see – far from getting, um, tangled in noodling, Surgeon’s sets are nimble, danceable, and visceral. And here’s Boiler Room performing a valid public service: this is one video you do actually want to watch. (I’ve been lucky to catch him in the flesh, but even there couldn’t look over his shoulder this easily.)

Thanks to Stephan Koller for the tip.

And if you’d like to share how you play, you don’t have to be a legend – or you don’t have to be a legend yet. Just get in touch.


Edited: This post somewhat embarrassingly suggested this thread was taking place “right now.” This being the Internet, of course, “now” can include archival content; the thread was concurrent with the video. And part of the beauty of modular is that the rig can change, though I believe I saw something close to this setup.