Reaktor 6 is a powerful blank canvas that can turn into almost any music tool imaginable. But that much power can be, well, overwhelming. So today, we’re fortunate to have some guides into what that means.

Today in Berlin, I’m fortunate to emcee an evening in Berlin featuring both the people who built Reaktor and some top artists finding ways to make music with it.

Updated: this event is over but an edited video is coming soon – plus more content/tutorials around Reaktor.

Jan Werner of Mouse on Mars will reflect on the significance of synthesis and interface.

We’ll see Blocks through the eyes of the person who came up with it, learn how you make a filter using deep DSP, and explore sequencing.

Stephan Schmitt, NI’s founder and the creator of this environment, will check in. And we’ll hear from artists Tim Exile, Errorsmith, and Deadbeat about what Reaktor does for their music.

I hear there should be some discussion of how to combine Reaktor and Eurorack, too, so – we can all get along.

You can watch the livestream and ask questions over the Internet, so we’d love to hear from you. You’ll need to do some maths on time zones – here in Europe, we’ve switched to Daylight Saving Time already, so that means the stream is on at 7:30pm Berlin time, 6:30pm London, 2:30pm in New York, 11:30am in LA, and so on. And, erm, Tokyo probably only available if you’re a night owl – sorry.

We’ll have some content after the event to share, as well. And while I’m hosting, I also hope to come away with some inspiration and knowledge and get back into Reaktor myself!

More here – and the video will be on this page when it goes online:

The live show is sold out (that’s in person in Berlin), but no registration is required to watch the stream or comment. (So ignore the “register now” button… just load the page at the appointed hour and we’ll be available via video and live chat!)