As more people bring home hardware, the next question is how to get that running smoothly with software – for recording and control.

We just saw a really great tutorial for doing it in Reaper, using our MeeBlip synth. Now there’s another unsolicited MeeBlip tutorial (really, I had nothing to do with this), this time with Bitwig Studio. Watch at top.

Some nice mobile hardware in general, too – the Keith McMillen K-Board is definitely the smallest effective keyboard I’ve found, plus the KORG nanoPAD2, the best little drum pads I’ve found, plus the iConnectMIDI4+, which is the most flexible solution for using iOS devices, MIDI gear, and computers together (in various combinations).

And then there’s a trick we probably haven’t publicized enough – you can plug a 9V battery into the anode with a battery adapter, so you don’t need a wall wart.



More details here – at a site that’s chock full of great Bitwig Studio tips. (I’m double interested in those, having seen how nice the touch implementation in the new version is.)

Control and Record MeeBlip anode in Bitwig Studio [factotumo]

Ben Schmaus is behind this one.

Find the MeeBlip anode (with a special sale on):

It’d be great to have a round-up of similar hardware advice for newcomers in various hosts. (And no, you don’t have to use MeeBlip!)