We covered Andy Grobengieser’s lovely Minimoog LEGO kit proposal. But perhaps the iconic synth keyboard just isn’t open-ended enough in terms of sound design. You want kids to play with the wide sonic palette of the legendary Moog Model 55.

Now, they can.

I expect nothing less from children than a fully-formed playtime adventure featuring this beauty. I can see it now: a woman on a jetski arrives, narrowly escaping a police boat patrol. She’s headed for her electro-acoustic sound studio, but – what’s that? Dinosaurs?! Fortunately, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some elves are there to prevent our sound artists from becoming dinner. And that means there’s still time to head into the sound studio and make a basic sequenced multi-oscillator patch, to compose a melody to communicate with the alien UFO that’s coming in for a landing. That’s the power of synthesizers, kids.

Vote for this to become an official LEGO kit at the LEGO Ideas site:

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