Enough with pristine, immaculate in-the-box digital production. Let’s get back to grime and dirt.

Gorgeous distortion is on offer any time Legowelt is on a sound system live. So it’s great to see the same approach in a free sample pack. This is not a “Top Deep House Production Kit.” It’s samples Legowelt dragged off of old Amiga discs, cranked to be even more evil.


I had a quick play, so here’s a little sample of what this thing sounds like. Updated – fixed the file upload.

I love the marketing copy, too:

Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE, AMIGAnizer
and SKOOLY SPACE to give u a fresh spectaculair 909 experience u never had before!!!


Grab the Smackos AMIGA 909 as an Ableton Live pack (requires 9.5 or later) on the fancy, 1998-style Legowelt website:

via Synthtopia

Not a Live user? Unfortunately, it’s an .alp file, so while the sound samples are just WAV format, you’ll need someone with a copy of Live to open it. (You could also download the demo and get at the contents that way.)

So thank you, Mr. Legowelt. Let’s all enjoy some more Legoweltism in videos:

Half an hour live from Dimensions Festival:

How to make a Legowelt track:

In his studio, Den Haag:

Here’s a 2013 Dekmental interview with FACT, in which he reflects “techno’s not just a beat”: