Amidst a bumper crop of new, multi-dimensional hardware, it’s a wonderful time for the expressive controller. But Eowave’s unique boutique instrument is one in the classic mold: a long, touch-sensitive strip that can act as a synth or controller. It’s now updated in a new model called the Ribbon 2.

The ability to work standalone as an instrument or as a controller set the Ribbon 2 apart – and for a small-batch device of this variety, its asking price of 269€ (less before VAT) is eminently reasonable, the sort of money you’d easily blow on a second-rate MIDI keyboard.

In the package:

  • Position and pressure sensitivity
  • 12-bit synth onboard
  • Acts as a controller over CV/gate, or USB (no MIDI DIN, though)
  • A new software editor, which lets you set 9 oscillator sources, LFO and FM modulation and delay and downsampling effects
  • 16 preset slots, on-the-fly recall and save via buttons


The presets and editor are all new.

Here’s a look at the editor:

Ribbon Editor

You can grab the full manual, firmware, and a Max patch for the editor at:

And the Ribbon 2 is on the Eowave site:

We look forward to more from these oddball innovators.