So, today one of the Internet’s targeted millennial marketing conglomerate – cum – music press outlets decided to ask if anyone likes live techno sets as part of a series that could be titled “We Troll The Internet to Increase Click Revenue.” I really wanted to argue with the content of the article, but – well, it’s a bit too easy. Watch: you can’t even make it past the headline. Headline: “Has Anyone Ever Actually Enjoyed a Live Techno Set?” Some voice in the back of the room from a guy named Steve: “Uh, me. Once.” And we’re done. All it took was Steve to punch holes in the whole argument, and Steve actually prefers house music.

Okay, so that deals with the body of the text. Now all we need is an example of a really amazing live techno set, and we’re done here. I choose this one. It’s not real – but what is real, anyway?

Not real, and yet … I have definitely played on this level once or twice in reality. Available for bookings, everybody!

Of course, join CDM next week for our ongoing, not-terribly-good-at-generating click revenue, and really not-terribly-fun-to-read series in which I go on and on about archaic topics in articles that are too long because I drank too much coffee. That series is, naturally, called “Monday.” Tune in after the weekend for your daily dose.

Hehe, okay – too much irony confused people. I hate having to explain jokes, but I may need to. It’s pointless to debate the merits of live music, and frankly, even a (cough) parody with fake sound is still fun to watch. Don’t miss the real Kink video, or really any number of live techno performances that are too numerous to mention. Support live music, support live musicians, support people taking risks and making mistakes and failing miserably, and as a result, enjoy life. Also, there are better lagers than Stella.