In the dark, damp swamp that is the stream of dance music that press get in their inbox, Jimmy Edgar has consistently been a rainbow-colored lighthouse. Apart from the tropically-hued surrealist work of Pilar Zeta literally making that true, Jimmy has been an aesthetic compass at the helm of his ULTRAMAJIC label. Basically, stuff this label puts out is worth listening.

(Ditto their label showcases… there’s a Friday morning I found myself at Panorama Bar when they were turning the lights on. Thursday is the new… oh never mind.)

What I like about the latest direction is, you get pared-down dancehall rhythms, uncluttered raunchy sexy rhythms, and what amounts to basically a love letter to filters.

Seriously. Do you like filters? Do you like dancing?

This is filter porn.

So, we get the new single, iPHONE:

I have nothing really more intelligent to say about it. And anyway, us music press can’t really compete with the performance art that is SoundCloud comments. Behold:


For screen readers:

WAY LESS EFFORT says at 2:06:
why are you making edm
Posted 46 minutes ago46 minutes Le PĂ©rave says at 2:06:
@waylesseffort: go jizz on your stupid Ben Klock kid

I don’t know what that means, but I hope Jimmy’s friends planted it, and if not, thank you Internetz.

Jimmy has also been doing a beautiful project pairing producers in a call and response production lineup dubbed Cause & Effect. Output recently came from Detroit’s Crystal Bandito (whose irresistible creation is below) plus Chicago’s Traxman, alongside Phil Kieran.

And you know what that means. XXX filter pornography streaming to you free. (HOT FILTERZ ARE LONELY AND READY TO CHAT WITH YOU NOW!!!! 24/7!!)

Also, turning feedback delay knobs. (Never. Gets. Old. Seriously, I’m addicted to this and beyond hope of ever stopping.)

Video for the project:

Here’s Phil’s great, restrained but tasty contribution:

And on the visual side, Pilar Zeta is on Instagram:

Pilar is a good example of what this is all about. She’s a designer working between Buenos Aires and LA, bringing together the aesthetic sensibilities of those cities. After some time in Berlin, Jimmy is back in LA, too, and also connecting artists between cities.

And you hear those collision of place and influence in the rhythms, too. (Good things from normalized trade – Jimmy got to play Cuba.)

Keep this coming.

“Dreamz Come True” is out on Ultramajic on the 24th of June. Features Rochelle Jordan on vocals. Tracklist:
1. 4Fourth Dimension
2. Dreamz Come True
3. iPhone
4. Hydrant

Side note – if this post has made you really want to play with rising filters (it’s zeitgeist, kids, I swear), then I refer you to my current total obsession, iZotope’s Mobius Filter. I wish I could not tell you about it, because I want to keep it for myself, but that would sort of be the opposite of my job.

Oh, and – Jimmy tells us he used a Harrison Great River 32EQ.