YouTube is a mystery – completely arbitrary videos getting down votes for no reason, arbitrarily angry comments, spam, conspiracy theories… well, one artist has decided, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Artist Arkaei has made a very respectable live looper performance using Ableton Live and Push 2. And rather than wait, he’s delivered it with its own angry comments. Call it con-troll-erism. (Uff, let me really apologize for that.)

Yes, Ray Arkei is trolling himself.

PS, I asked – those controllers that aren’t being used are Electrix Tweakers, repainted matte black. (Nice!)

And the comments make, I think, pitch-perfect parody. If they aren’t real, they could have been.

My only criticism: I want the troll lyrics not just to appear, but to be sung. I better get on that.

As if to prove the point, after just a few views someone already clicked that downward thumb for some reason:


Seen other good live videos lately (or especially good trolling)? Send it all our way.

Updated: of course the Internet has a choir singing YouTube comments already. From 2013: