Tresor has left a rich legacy to electronic music – one that has defined a lot of what “techno” means – and not least of all through the Tresor Records imprint. So as follow up to our preview of the Tresor 25 festival, we’ve partnered with Beatport to share a set of 25 tracks that trace a small slice of that deep catalog. It includes some old classics, the younger generation carrying that torch, and gems like Objeckt’s terrific continuous mix Kern, Vol. 3 (with still more music, so… kind of more than 25 tracks, actually).



Tresor 25 Years Chart @ Beatport

Jeff Mills, Tresor - 1999.

Jeff Mills, Tresor – 1999.

Also – the timetable for later this week in Berlin, to give you an idea of some of the many men and women now involved in techno and Tresor:


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