Ableton Live 9.6.2 is here. Apart from a slew of bug fixes and some improvements to how the Link connection indicator works, there are a lot of improvements to Push, via software and firmware – even down to details like making the potentiometers more jitter free.

That’s all well and good. But the important thing is that some of these small details could really change the way you work with Push for the better.

The big one: you can now copy and paste clips to any slot on the Push, just by touching the pads. It’s a little thing, but for me this completely opens up how I would work with clips in Session View.

In the melodic step sequencer, stepped automation is now linked to note length.

You can also convert an audio clip to a new drum rack pad on Push 2. I’m in love with this workflow, so that’s a big thing.

Also cool, and related to note length, you can now adjust note length via pads in either the melodic or drum rack sequencer.

For once, it’s actually worth reading the release notes just to pick up some tips – there’s a bunch of other little tricks with Push.

Live 9 release notes

This gives me some inspiration for playing in the studio over the weekend. And if you need more, the Ableton blog also walks you through their favorite Max for Live devices. Combine that with my new Reaktor Blocks addiction and … well, as my piano teacher used to say to me, that should be enough to keep me off the streets.

Max for Live for Push: A roundup of free devices