They’ve been teasing it for ages. But now we have a clear view – literally – to what Behringer intend in their upcoming synthesizer. And with a brand known for dirt-cheap pricing, that could shape up the entire market.

Labeled only with “Behringer Synth” (though I assume that’s not its actual name – charmingly generic as it’d be), a YouTube video shows the likes of Richard Devine reacting to the synth. And apart from getting to hear it yourself, we learn that the instrument is analog.

Plus, apart from a lot of close-ups on faders (and labels like “VCA” and “analog), you also get a full view of the entire instrument. I’ve grabbed that frame, though it’s barely disguised:


This seems to be yet another two-oscillator monosynth. For their part, all Behringer have to say so far via their Facebook page is:

“It’s analog – not digital. It’s discrete – not modeling. And it sounds amazing! ”

They’ve also taken to calling it “she” for some reason, which doesn’t even make sense in German, but okay.

I have to say, in this one shot, it actually looks visually appealing. But all bets are off until we know more, of course. I’m open minded; I’ll accept a reasonable Behringer synth (weird as that sounds to say) if it’s any good.